Alessandra Pierelli was born in Ancona, he attended the Brera Academy of fine arts with a specialization in painting. Then attends a decoration and trompe l'oeil course at the Academy of the superfluous of Rome conducted by Prof. Lucifer. From 1996 to 1998 he attended the course of International Art School in Montecastello di Vibio (PG) directed by master Nicholas Carone. In 1999 he opened a painting studio and interior decoration in Todi where he still lives and works. From 2002 to 2005 she collaborated with renowned artist Alvin Held. In June 2004 organizes together with Giuliana Dorazio and Giorgio Bonomi showing the shadow of Bramante sculptures in a park. Since 2006 participates in and organises numerous group and solo exhibitions. He is currently working with galleries: econtemporary Trieste and bG Gallery Los Angeles. 


She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including:

-July 2006: "Fleurs works of love", Studio A87 Spoleto-Perugia, edited by Franco Troiani and Cecilia Metelli;

-March 2007: "Junger Anger", double solo with Michele Toppetti at Atelier dell'arco Amoroso, Ancona;

-September 2007: "Trespassing", homage to Piero Dorazio, Palazzo Landi Corradi, curated by Catherine MacLeod and Alessandra Pierelli;

-November2007 ":" Ex-voto acts of faith in the name of art ", San Carlo Borromeo, Spoleto, curated by Studio A87 and Franco Trojans;

-February 2008: "fragments of a speech amoroso", Relais Ducale, Frontignano di Todi, curated by Raffaella G;

-March 2008: "Venus ... senses ... feelings ...", Terni, Palazzo Gazzoli, edited by Tony Caputo;

-September 2008: "Echo", double solo with Silvia Ra, Palazzo degli Atti, edited by Paolo Nardon;( Paintings on catalogue)

-December 2008: "Mater Dulcissima", Galleria civica d'Arte Moderna, Spoleto, edited by Michele Santi;

-September 2009: "Echo", the Gryphon, contemporary art gallery, Lecce, by Monica Taveri and Alexander Turk;

-November 2009: "the Berlin wall" 13 August 1961-9 November 1989, curated by Federica Di Stefano, 196 Rome Gallery

-February 2010: "Rossobastardo", Castello di Montignano, Massa Martana, Perugia;

-October 2011: "envelopes painted festival delle lettere", Spazio Oberdan, Milano, organized by the Dep Art Gallery;

-June 2012: "+ 50". Sculptures in the city between memory (1962) and passed (2012), curated by Gianluca Marziani, PalazzoCollicola arts, Spoleto (paintings on catalogue)

-April 2012 "homage to Design" Design Week at Spazio Bigli in Milan curated by raffaella G;

-January 2013: "emotional fragility Solstices" edited by Andrea Baffoni, cultural association workshop, Perugia June 2013: Clothes of art, dressed in contemporary art, collective with Silvia Beccaria, Elisa Leclé, Marco Pant, Valeria Safi, curated by Claudia Bottini, Augustine Cloister, Montefalco, Perugia; 


-December 2013: Comics and Songs, Mini Gallery of Assisi, double solo with Stefano Chiacchiella, curated by Andrea Baffoni

-February 2014: "So sweet so passionate", solo exhibition curated by Claudia Banerjee, project artistic influences Castiglione del lago (PG) Dicembre2016 January 2017 360 "ART SHOW" exhibition curated by Elena Singers at the ECONTEMPORARY Gallery of Trieste;

-November 2017 April 2018 international biennial Female warehouse 26 Porto Vecchio Trieste curated by Barbara Fejzic (paintings on catalogue)

-14 February 8 March 2018 "I LOVE POP FOOD" staff at Mondadori Megastore Milano curated by Angelo Crespi.  

-Milan Design week 17/22 April 2018

-"The Breathing Art" Alessandra Pierelli for the Breath by Anemotech,staff (fuorisalone) curated by Angelo Crespi, Corso Matteotti, 3 Milan.